RP- M300

Technical Parameter

Building volume


Hot bed temperature


Powder spreading method

Up-feeding and two-way powder spreading

Equipment power


Power supply type

380V three-phase NPE

Laser type

Fiber laser

Laser power

Optional 500W or 1000W (single and double laser option)

Scanner type

Grating type high-precision digital encoder vibrating mirror

Beam spot

0.05-0.3mm adjustable

Scanning speed


Gas shield

Argon and nitrogen 0.5-1.5L/min

Circulatory system

0-1.5m³ ,air curtain protection

Powder spreading layer thickness


Filter system

> 0.5 micron particle filtration efficiency is 99.9% (permanent filter element can be upgraded)

Scanning mode

Checkerboard grid, honeycomb hexagonal grid, octagonal grid, strips, parallel lines, etc.

Z axis resolution


Scanning accuracy

The scanning repetitive positioning accuracy is ≤ 2 μ rad; Linearity 99.9%, range 20%, proportional drift: 8PPM/℃

Printable material

Stainless steel, titanium alloy, die steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, aluminum alloy and other metal materials.

Model processing software

FastLayer supports STL model processing, model layout and transformation, and automatically repairs the model.

Slicing software

FastLayer, support thickness 0.02-0.1mm, material parameter library, multiple scanning modes selection, parameter library development.

Control software

FastFab, with hierarchical control, process guidance and online monitoring.

Metal selectiv laser melting 3D printer (SLM)

  • SLM is a 3D printing technology that uses metal powder to directly print metal parts. When printing, the scraper spreads a layer of metal powder on the base plate of the forming cylinder, and the laser beam will selectively melt the powder according to the cross-sectional profile of each layer of the part to process the current layer. After one layer of melting is completed, the lifting system lowers the height of one cross-sectional layer, and the powder spreading roller spreads another layer of metal powder on the formed cross-sectional layer, sintering the next layer, and so on, until the whole part is sintered. The whole molding process is carried out in a vacuum-pumped or protective gas-filled processing chamber to avoid the metal from reacting with other gases at high temperature.

    SLM uses a laser with high energy density and fine spot diameter, which can complete the construction of complex parts that take weeks or even months by conventional methods in a very short period. The molded parts not only have accurate dimensional accuracy, high strength and high mass density, but also have excellent mechanical properties and other aspects. It is mainly used for rapidly manufacturing high-precision and high-quality metal parts.