RP- M180

Technical Parameter

Print volume

Diameter 180mm, height 100mm, round.

Baseplate fixing mode

Magnetic attraction fixation

Dimensional accuracy


Powder spreading layer thickness


Powder spreading method

Powder feeding and two-way powder spreading

Rubber type

Flexible rubber blade

Maximum single powder addition

30KG (cobalt chromium powder)

Printable material

Co-Cr alloy, titanium alloy, pure titanium, etc.

Number of lasers

Double laser, supporting single laser work

Laser power

1000W (double 500W)

Cooling mode


Spot size


Protective gas

Nitrogen and argon

Minimum oxygen content


Power supply type

Three-phase 380V

Average power consumption


Scanning speed of galvanometer


Typesetting mode

Automatic typesetting and path planning

Mode of operation

Touch screen

Do you support power failure and continuous calling


Do you support stitching printing


Stable and efficient

  • The great improvement of efficiency can realize faster delivery, lower cost and less investment in fixed assets. The RP-M180 equipment adopts two-way variable speed powder spreading technology, and the upper powder feeding structure does not need powder cushion cylinder, which greatly reduces the invalid working time of the equipment. The printing time of 350 fixed internal crowns is about 6 hours, and 80 movable supports are used every 24 hours. The crown can complete typesetting and data processing in 5 minutes at the earliest. It can provide a solution with both efficiency and quality for dental manufacturers, and greatly save the comprehensive cost.