Faster High Temperature

IDEX 3D Printer

Powerful for education and small makers

MD-400D Printing Video

5X Speed, Breakthrough in Printing Efficiency Once Again

MD-400D printing speed up to 300mm/s, 10000mm/s ² Peak acceleration, only 0.02s speed up form 0 to 300mm/s, achieving ultra-high efficiency printing.


Travel speed




Max Flow

Compared with a multi-material unit, IDEX dual-material printing requires less time in filament changing and creates less waste. Plus, IDEX offers the cleanest two-extruder solution that prevents cross-contamination. It creates a clean interface between two materials, embracing hassle-free removal and avoiding stains and weird blending along the seam.


Breakaway Support Filament

Much easier to remove the support, the supported surface comes out clean and smooth.

Soluble Support Filament

Printing complex models with internal geometries and hollow structures is made possible by using water-soluble filament.


Dual-material Prints. In one print, you make the most of two sets of properties. Combine the strength of PETG with the flexibility of TPU for functional parts that can stand daily wear and tear impressively. Print also multi-part objects as a whole. With no assembly, the object attains stronger interconnections, making it less prone to impairment.

Dual Color Prints. Add a splash of personality to your concept models, miniatures, party essentials, gift items, and home decor.

Use different materials on the walls and the infill. By printing infill with economical materials plus a large-diameter nozzle, you can now spend most of your time and money budget on working the exterior to perfection.

Print in Parallel

Halve your wait time, double your productivity. IDEX is the only extrusion system with two separate extruders moving independently on the X-axis, enabling you to run two prints simultaneously.

Copy Mode

Print two identical objects in one go. It is especially suitable for batch printing, empowering studios and enthusiasts.

Mirror Mode

MD-400D directly mirrors your model and prints the original and the mirrored one in one go. For a symmetrical model, you can import half of it and print it in Mirror Mode to cut your wait time by 50%, perfect for quick drafts and concept models.

High-precision Linear Rails

The industrial-grade linear rails are made by CNC grinding at the micron level, ensuring smooth and steady movements. A significant rise in precision, rigidity, and durability for you to savor a fast, accurate, and steady making experience.

PEI Flexible Printing Platform

It has strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, and is suitable for various consumables. It can be easily removed by bending.

Quick Heating Hotend

Max temperature of hotend is 350°C. It can be heated to 200°C in about 40 seconds; The heating speed remains unchanged at 220V and 110V voltages.

MINGDA Self-developed Core Hardware Delivers Speedy Smooth Performance.

This high-performance 64-bit self-developed motherboard, powered by the 6-core CPU, ensures fast processing of data and rapid completion of 3D printing tasks. With 32GB of memory, you can quickly store, export, and print large files with ease.

7-inch IPS High-definition Large Screen

MD-400D has a 7-inch IPS high-definition computer screen. Compared with traditional LCD screens, it can see bright, saturated, and natural high-quality images from any angle. At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly and saves electricity.

Self Check when Power on

When power on it can automaticly check the status of the extruder, hot bed, camera, automatic leveling, fan, and other components; If there are any abnormalities, a prompt will be displayed on the printer screen for quick and convenient processing.

Product Parameters




Print Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Print Volume

400 * 400 * 400 mm

Copy Mode

400(2*200)*400*400 mm

Mirror Mode

320(2*160)*400*400 mm

Machine Dimensions

690 * 790 * 910 mm

Extruder Quantity


Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm (0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm optional)

Extruder Temperature

≤350°C (Recommended temperature ≤320 ℃)

Platform Temperature


Max Flow


Max Print Speed

500mm/s (Recommend Printing Speed: 200-300mm/s ) 

Support Software

MingDa OrcaSlicer, Prusa Slicer, etc

Display Screen

7-inch HDMI touch screen

Input Voltage

100/240AC 50/60Hz

Rated Power




Filament Compatibility

Common filament: 


Engineering filament: 


Support filament:

S-Mulit, S-HtPA, PVA, etc