Liquid Crystal Titan

The largest LCD 3D printer
in the world
A complete manufacturing solution

Powerful for education and small makers

Printer Specifications

Extremely large print volume

695 x 385 x 1200mm 27.3 x 15.2 x 47.2

High resolution pixel pitch

91μm pixel pitch delivering outstanding surface finish

≤ 86mm/hr print speed

At 350μm layers volumetric speed = 24 ltr/hr

Interchangeable platform with ResinGlide coating

Easy cleaning with less waste

Patented Blow-Peel technology

Ensures reliable, fast printing

Remote control and monitoring

4k time-lapse cameras

Automatic resin control

Auto vat fill and empty functions

Services offered


Design for Additive Manufacturing consultancy Evaluate your part and assess its suitability for printing Propose design changes to reduce cost and improve printability


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on your part, just supply your stl and the quantity Complete cost of manufacture, from part design to disposal of waste with payback

Service Plans

3 comprehensive service plans, Standard, Premium and Elite Including installation, training and maintenance Providing all options from budget support through to concierge service


Email and telephone support Online software support training in how to design for additive manufacturing Training in optimising the printing process

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Analysis offered with all resins Embedded Carbon Calculator of each part taking your intake feeds

Photocentric Wash XL

Three in one. Wash, rinse and dry

Photocentric Wash XL is purpose-built to effectively clean large complex parts printed on Liquid Crystal Titan, combining wash, rinse and dry functions in a single compact unit.
360° platform rotation

Adjustable speed to access all surfaces

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling option for used Photocentric Resin Cleaner 30

Smart fluid management

For water and resin cleaner flow

Multi-directional adjustable nozzles

Efficient spray cleaning of complex large parts

Push fit easy clip platform

Easy transfer between printer, wash and cure units

Internal light, inspection window and wipers

Interactive user interface and ergonomic design

We are experts in printing large dimensionally accurate parts