World’s Largest LCD 3D Printer Build Volume 510 x 280 x 350mm

Print speeds are up to 2 x faster when compared to Magna 1
New non-stick platform boosts productivity reducing material waste
Upgraded electronics including a new control system

ses just 11% of the power for each kg of printed material produced compared to an FDM printer

Liquid Crystal Magna

Size still matters…

We invented 3D LCD printing and the Liquid Crystal Magna represents the pinnacle of our product development. Our largest printer, with 1,000’s successfully deployed around the world. See how Magna can transform your business.
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Go to market quickly

The Liquid Crystal Magna printer allows you to move from prototyping to production in hours.

Beat the competition

Unparalleled speed, volume and cost give the Liquid Crystal Magna 3D Printer a clear competitive advantage.

Build production volumes

From hundreds of small parts to single large ones the Liquid Crystal Magna 3D Printer delivers accurate end-use parts in scale.

Inventors of LCD 3D Printing

Why Daylight?

Daylight doesn’t damage the screens, its lower in energy usage and safer, but it also makes printing more reliable, delivering level, more even cure in comparison to UV. It is also much more effective in penetrating pigmented or particle rich formulations.

Daylight Resins

Specially designed daylight 3D resins for the Liquid Crystal Magna, providing functional properties across a wide variety of applications.
Xkelet Cast (7 casts)

Resin: DL110HTR | £60 per kg
Resolution: 250μm
Print time: 3 hours 40 mins
Resin volume: 250g (per cast)

Textured Helmet

Resin: Daylight Magna Duramax | £60 per kg
Resolution: 100μm
Print time: 18 hours
Resin volume: 830g

Motorcycle Fuel tank

Resin: HighTemp DL400 | £75 per kg
Resolution: 100μm
Print time: 32 hours
Resin volume: 2.3kg

Dental Special Tray (36 trays)

Resin: Daylight Magna Draft | £60 per kg
Resolution: 250μm
Print time: 1 hour 13 mins
Resin volume: 21.5g (per tray)

Dental Aligner Model (48 models)

Resin: Daylight Magna Dental Model | £60 per kg | Part cost: £0.96 Resolution: 100μm | Print time: 1 hour 30 mins | Resin volume: 16g (per model)

The machine that breathes

The machine that breathes Photocentric have spent 1000’s of hours developing proprietary technologies that enable consistent, high-quality prints to be produced at scale. Blow-Peel is a patented technology that features in our LC Magna.

Easy to follow workflow

Every element of our workflow process has been optimised to make it easy for you to use.

CAD files are loaded into Photocentric Studio or Photocentric Additive and prepared for printing with a few clicks.


Simple 3D printer set up to convert files into physical models layer by layer.


Printed parts are washed removing excess resin.


Parts are cured and ready for use.

Photocentric Additive

Gamechanger for additive manufacturing

Jointly developed by Photocentric and CoreTechnologie, the innovative Photocentric Additive software suite has been designed for Liquid Crystal Magna.

The software doesn’t just handle the file to make it ready for printing by slicing and supporting, it does something very special…

It allows you to modify the exterior of the surface of your part to not just remove the layer lines, but also add the texture of your choice.

A genuine revolutionary

The versatile LC Magna is the perfect match for a wide range of applications and industries

Electronic housings

(375 parts in total – 3 parts per housing) Layer Thickness- 100μm
(Over 95% of scanned data within +/- 100µm)
Print Time- 4 hrs
Weight- 1.01kg
Material- Daylight Magna Hard

Dental Models

(48 per platform)
Layer Thickness- 100μm
(Over 95% of scanned data within +/- 100µm)
Print Time- 1 hrs 30 mins
Weight- 576g (12g per arch)
Material- Daylight Magna Dental

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

(67 parts on platform)
Layer Thickness- 100μm (Over 95% of scanned data within +/- 100µm)
Print Time- 9 hrs 30 mins
Weight- 1.82kg (19% supports)
Material- Daylight Magna Durable


(36 per platform)
Layer Thickness- 100μm (Over 95% of scanned data within +/- 100µm)
Print Time- 3 hours
Weight- 500g (13.8g per glasses)
Material- Daylight Magna Hard