G150- NEO

Technical Parameter




Texas Instruments DLP


Compatible with 405 wavelength photosensitive resin

Supported formats


Forming size


resolving power


Forming accuracy

Horizontal pixel size 55 μ m. Vertical 20 μ m

Layer thickness


Printing speed


light source

Imported light source 405nm/385nm

Power Supply


Machine size



NW:16KG GW:17KG(including box)

Printing method

Support offline printing and USB disk wifi data transmission

Warranty period

one year

Professional-grade high-resolution optical gravity

The horizontal pixel size is 55μm, and the vertical pixel size is 10μm, which accurately captures more subtle and complex details, and perfectly prints a model that is smooth, burr-free, and almost lamellar-free.

Light uniformity ≥ 96%

Texas Instruments core technology, software algorithm optimization, the system comes with distortion compensation,
Ensure that the photomechanical projection image is a regular rectangle. Compared with LCD, there is no heat generation on the printing screen,
It does not affect the expansion rate of the resin, and the printing is more stable.

Z axis keel

The Z-axis keel adopts a thickened metal plate that runs through the top and bottom, effectively preventing excessive release force
The resulting “nodding” phenomenon makes the platform more stable and reduces the chance of lamination

Metal trough

Metal integrated trough + unique card position design, easy to pick and place, easier to change the film.

Compatible with various materials

Compatible with a variety of 405nm photosensitive resins to meet more application requirements and maximize the utilization of the machine.

ChiTu slicing software is easy to use

It has automatic support algorithm, upgrade model repair tool, and can be manually refined on demand. Supports can also be added, edited and moved manually or automatically with one key, and the operation is simple and easy to use.